Meet the Team

The Staff of Richard F. Walter Inc., Realtors

The staff of Richard F. Walter Inc., Realtors knows how crazy and hectic life can be, as well as how overwhelming the entire Real Estate process can sometimes seem. Please take a moment to get to know the staff members of the Richard F. Walter Inc., Realtors and learn a little more about us, and who we are.

Richard F. Walter
Dick has been involved in the Real Estate industry for well over thirty years. He has always believed it necessary to be on the leading edge of technology, education and finding better ways to serve his customers.

While the mountains of paperwork associated with running the Real Estate and Mortgage companies keeps Dick busy, he has learned that life is short, and one must make the most of every day. Having survived stomach cancer, Dick works long, hard days Monday through Friday, but can be found deep sea fishing, or flying on the weekends! On vacations, Dick travels extensively and goes paragliding over Schloss Neuschwanstein (The Cinderella Castle), which is located in Bavaria, Germany.

Dick and his family searched long and hard to find the perfect image to represent Richard F. Walter, Inc. Realtors and what it stands for. Neuschwanstein Castle seems to be the perfect image of attaining ones dream while at the same time, giving the feeling of integrity and security. These are the things he strives for: helping people obtain their dream(s)…a place they can call their very own…a home.

Christine Walter Hussey
Christine comes to the Real Estate industry after having spent a number of years as an International Sales Representative. She is currently the Director of Operations for Walter Financial, Inc. and recently obtained her Real Estate license so she can best serve her clients in all aspects of a real estate transaction. Christine stands by her belief that all people deserve the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams of owning a home. Having extensively traveled internationally, Christine appreciates that in America, all things are possible and dreams do come true. Her family is a prime example that hard work, drive and motivation pay off.

When time permits, Christine can be found exploring new places (both domestically and internationally), attending cultural events, skydiving, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and other adventuresome activities. Christine also enjoys spending time with her husband and two German Shepherds.

What Christine values most in life is family and health. She is a believer in Carpe Diem and has every intention of working hard to help people obtain their home goal(s).